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Posted by Annette G. on
I literally just got home from my daughter's friend's 7th birthday party and had to look Jim up. We all had a blast, and my daughter got kissed by the Monitor lizard. I learned a lot about reptiles and the rest of the parents and I were as excited as the kids were to see what reptile was next. Awesome job, great personality and jokes, loved it.
Posted by jgaleno1 on
JG's Reptile Roadshow came to my nephew's birthday party. The best party I have ever been too! The kids had a blast. The delivery and presentation was like a comedy show! So fun and entertaining! Were us parents supposed to have that much fun at a kid's party??? I havn't seen the grandparents smile like that in years!
Thank you JGs Reptiles, I recommend you for every party!
Posted by Alicia L. on
I've thrown over a dozen elaborate kid themed birthday parties and by far, this was the best one yet! Thank you Jim for driving through a crazy snow storm, while being EXTREMELY sick, and carrying in all your heavy equipment and reptiles just to make a little 8 year old's wish come true. I appreciated you not canceling and being very professional about it. Your presentation was so much fun and educational! It was enjoyable for both kids and adults! You were inspirational to many, especially my son. He now wants to be like you when he grows up :)
Posted by Heather on
Thank you for putting on such an amazing show for the 5th graders at our school. Every kid absolutely loved it and are still talking about it. They were so excited to be able to touch, hold, wear, and get kissed by your reptiles. We can't wait to have you back again!!!
Posted by Heather on
Thank you for putting on such an amazing show for the 5th graders at our school. Every kid absolutely loved it and are still talking about it. They were so excited to be able to touch, hold, wear, and get kissed by your reptiles. We can't wait to have you back again!!!
Posted by Joan on
I took my two grandsons (ages 5 and 7) to see you at the Round Lake Library yesterday. We all had a really good time. Jim was informative and a lot of fun. He was mindful of making sure all of the children (and some adults) who wanted to had an opportunity to hold or pet an animal. I was quite shocked when one of my grandsons who is shy and usually hangs back raised his hand and got picked to pet the monitor lizard Thanks to Jim for making him feel so comfortable that he did this with a big smile on his face. His brother got to pet the python. They were both very excited by the show. I would recommend this show to anyone!
Posted by Anne Larson on
I recently saw you and your friends at the Voigt twin boys birthday party. Your show was very informative and you did a great job involving the kids! I was amazed at how brave the 8 year olds were in regards to holding the animals. You brought an incredible collection of reptiles - soft, slimy AND scaly! Great job!!!
Posted by Kevin Luthardt on
WE LOVE JG's Reptile Road Show!!! My wife first saw his show at her school. We hired him to do our second son's bday party, and we just had him do my third son's bday party. If you are going to hire someone to do your party, this is perfect. Jim is great with kids and completely professional from beginning to end. He gives just enough animal information to make it very exciting and interesting. He is patient and lets every kid at the party (who wants to) have an up close encounter with cool reptiles. He does not pressure anyone to get close to the animals if they are timid. He made both of our birthday boys feel like the center of attention. I cannot recommend more!
Posted by Bonnie on
Thanks for the great show this past weekend at the KALE party! You were so great with the kids.I don't like reptiles very much, BUT I was one of the adults that held that giant snake! I'm passing the word to my friends about JP's Reptile show
Posted by Lisa on
If you are looking for an amazing and entertaining show, JGs Reptile Road Show is it!!! I am not an enthusiast of reptiles but decided to hire him for my sons 7th birthday. It was a great decision! Jim was both very knowledgable and entertaining. He was great with the kids and the adults and put everyone at ease with the animals. Everything was very flawless working with Jim from booking the show to the day of the show. He answered all questions that the kids had and was very patient with them. I would definitely recommend him! Thanks again Jim for an awesome show and for getting me to break my fear and actually hold and pet a snake.
Posted by Bill on
Amazing show! Great for kids of all ages and adults learn a thing or two as well. Jim loves what he does and is very professional and knowledgeable. He even sprinkles in some well timed jokes and humor to keep it extra fun. Safe, clean, educational, and fun... what more could anyone want? Most people will never get a chance to touch or see some of these reptiles up close. This is an incredible experience you don't want to miss!
Posted by Nancy maynard on
We had jim come over for my grandsons 5th birthday. There were 9 kids of all ages from 10 on down to 3. Jim was so patient and explain all about his reltiles. Each child who wanted to touch and hold got a chance. Jim was really great. Even the adults loved everything. We all had such a good time. Jim even helped explain care with a bearded dragon we got our grandson. Best party ever!! Thanks Jim!!S
Posted by Carol on
I was invited to my great nephew's birthday party. To my surprise JGs Road Show was there. Not only informative but so entertaining and how all the kids listened to him. Thank You ,Jim.
Posted by Karla on
We went to a birthday party yesterday and your show was a hit! The love and respect you have for these creatures is inspiring. Absolutely great show!!!!! My son is already requesting you for his next birthday!! Thanks again.
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