How long is your presentation?

My show typically lasts 60-75 minutes. The show length can be adjusted to fit your needs.

How many animals do you bring?
It varies from show to show. But I always bring my "main 6" which include: an 80 lb Sulcata Tortoise, Burmese Python, African Bullfrog, Black Throat Monitor, Mali Uromastyx Lizard, and Ball Python - and often more! 

How far will you travel?

I travel pretty far. I am willing to drive a few hours to perform a show, but, for distances far from my home area, I do have to charge extra for gas.

Do you carry liability Insurance?

Of course I am insured, and I am  happy to provide proof of insurance to any school, library, or person requesting it. 

Can there be a crowd too large or too small?

Nope! I have done shows for groups of 6 kids, and I have done shows for 450+ kids. Both shows are great in their own way. I bring a sound system with me to make sure that the entire audience can always hear me.

Will your show entertain the adults at my party as well as the kids?

Yes, I throw in innocent adult humor that will have the adults or parents of the kids at the party cracking up throughout the show!

Do you need a deposit, and what form of payment is required?

No deposit needed.  I completely understand if you need to reschedule or cancel due to the birthday boy/girl being sick or a family emergency.  I would not want you to have to lose a deposit if that happens. You can pay the day of the show with cash or a check, payable to Jim Galeno.

How much does your show cost?

This is a question best answered if you give me a call at (847) 341-6624. Price varies depending upon the type of show and how far I have to travel. But I can tell you that, compared to other animal shows in the area, I have the best price out there, and that is a guarantee! Also, if you want more than one show, I offer great package deals.

Do you prefer the show to be inside or outside?

If the weather is above 65 and below 90, outside is the way to go. Otherwise, inside works great too. I do shows in family rooms, basements, and even garages all the time!  I bring a tarp to protect your home or facility.

Do you bring an alligator to your show?

I do not bring an alligator or any other member of the crocodilian species to my shows. The reason is simple: it is illegal to keep alligators as pets in the state of Illinois. The message of my show is to appreciate and respect all wildlife, especially the misunderstood reptiles and amphibians. I would not encourage anyone to obtain many of the animals I have in my show as pets, with a few exceptions. Only a select few people in the state of Illinois have the proper permitting to own an alligator and bring it to educational programs.  However, my show is still a blast. We don't need an alligator to have a great time!